We choose a goal and decide to go for it. Then life as usual gets a little crazy and we don’t get to do the 3 hrs yoga we planned for everyday or the 5 mile run every evening.

Life happens events get in the way we go on holidays or take a few days off for a little Easter Break. Don’t despair this is not the end, you have not failed. Pick a way of meeting your goals that is achievable. I find that little and often works for me.

Between college, work, 2 teenage daughters and a husband it can be a challenge to everything in.

I can do 20 mins Pilates in the morning, walk instead of driving, use my down time before bed for some yoga. Find what works for you. 5 mins a day is better than nothing.

When planing your day remember that you are worth that 30 mins to an hour of me time. It is your body and mind, your choice as to how to look after it.