One of the problems with modern living is that we feel that we need to be constantly busy AND we are. 

Many people feel that the busier they are the more important they seem.  We are constantly connected to the outside world and all that is going on. We have all the information we could ever need available at our fingertips, Think google, youtube facebook.  We no longer even have to wait to go to a bookshop or library to read the latest book or paper, we simply download it. 

Many people In my classes are complaining of poor memory or lack of concentration.  I attribute a lot of this to the fact that we have forgotten how to just BE.  We have lost the art of sitting still.  Sitting still is very important to allow the mind and body to rest and repair.  It is most important for the mind.  Active relaxation and mindfulness can help with this.  Relearn how to focus on one activity that you enjoy, it could be running, walking, painting, sewing, knitting.  Concentrate on that alone.

Savasana pose looks like the easiest pose and is perhaps one of the hardest to hold.  Try it and see.  Give me a handstand or a warrior 2 anyday. 

Remember we need to take care of our bodies and our mind and this means both exercise and rest.  Let us take some time out each day, there are many great meditations that can be downloaded and listen to that can help you.  Or simply get comfortable close your eyes and breathe!

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