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Hello and welcome to Calm confident Kids. We are a Northern Ireland based training company that focuses on health and wellbeing for families through massage, yoga, Pilates, mindfulness and wellbeing.

We have been offering training across Northern Ireland since 2013 and pride ourselves on offering small bespoke courses to provide you with the best teachings in Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness & Nutrition for babies, children & families.

All courses can now be completed online so you can train in the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world.

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Calm Soles

This course is for reflexologists or those working with parents & children. It gives you the skills to teach simple reflexology techniques to parents or carers suitable for children aged 0-16 yrs.


Calm Soles for additional needs

New course coming soon suitable for parents, teachers and carers for children with additional needs. It teaches hand and foot reflexology along with some mindfulness techniques for children aged 0-19yrs with additional needs


Calm Confident Babies

This course is aimed at both child care workers and yoga teachers wishing to train in both baby massage and parent & baby yoga enabling you to facilitate classes in both. Students should be practising yoga themselves. Along with the course you have the additional anatomy & physiology course for free, which is a prerequisite and should be completed before starting the course.

Calm Confident Toddlers & preschool

This course is aimed at nursey and childcare workers. Students should already be practising yoga. It gives the student the tools to offer yoga to children aged 2-5years. Bringing yoga to the young in a fun and enjoyable way through games, stories and songs. It also provides you with mindfulness techniques adapted for toddlers.


Calm Confident Kids

This course is aimed at teachers and child care workers who wish to bring yoga, movement and mindfulness into the classroom or group setting. For Children aged 5-12 years It teaches movement and mindfulness in an age appropriate way. Giving children the tools to continue their wellness journey.


Calm Confident Teens

This course is aimed at teachers and those who work with teenagers. It teaches yoga & Pilates style exercises along with mindfulness and positive thinking. For teenagers aged 12-18yrs. This course provides the tools to help teenagers with their physical and mental wellness, giving them the tools to cope with today’s stresses.


Calm Confident classroom

This is a short course is specifically designed for teachers and classroom assistants to provide them with the tools to add movement, mindfulness and positive thinking into the classroom setting. It also teaches simple hand reflexology techniques that can be used to calm, focus and concentrate allowing them to give the children the tools to cope with everyday stresses.

Calm Confident Kids using pilates, yoga, mindfulness and massage

Calm Confident kids have been coming into Kilronan School to deliver a yoga programme to young people ageing between 17-19 years of age with a range of educational needs.

Elaine creates a calm and positive atmosphere where the young people can relax and engage in their yoga sessions. Elaine has the ability to cater for each individual student to ensure they reach their full potential throughout the sessions.

At the end of the sessions the young people are relaxed, engaged and ready to continue with their learning throughout the rest of the day. Not only have our young people been able to experience Yoga as an additional leisure activity they have also been able to experience some breathing exercises which they then can apply to aspects throughout their daily lives, creating further independence

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