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Pilates available with Elaine Curry


Pilates is a body conditioning system developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th centuary.

It was initially called “Contrology “ as it helps to develop control of the body, mind and breath.

Pilates works on 6 principles: Control, Concentration, Centring, Precision, Breath & Flowing movements.

Pilates can be excellent for strengthening core and balance at any stage in life.



Yoga classes available with Elaine Curry



Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga that balances the breath, body and mind. Taken from the words “Ha” meaning sun and “Tha” meaning moon. It uses physical exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation to balance the body.

Hatha yoga classes can be adapted to suit anyone. It can be very useful for preventing sports injury, rehabilitating the body and maintaining health and mobility. It is an excellent way to promote mindfulness and can help anxiety and depression.

It is an excellent balance to your sport & training to help improve performance & prevent injury.