What Others Say

Playing sports I was often stiff and sore after training and matches so decided to try yoga with Elaine. Working in a friendly environment with a helpful instructor I not only found myself recovering quicker and with improved flexibility, but also enjoyed the therapeutic benefits that yoga brought.

Sports Client

Our son attended reflexology with Elaine for the first time today and it was fabulous! The results have been amazing after just a few hours as our son has successfully been able to go to the toilet on his own, which in our house is a very big deal!! Cannot thank Elaine enough she was brilliant when working with our son while also showing me a lot of tips for home, alongside a booklet for us to follow. Happy baby going to bed tonight which results in a very happy mummy and daddy  can’t wait to bring him back already!


I would highly recommend Elaine’s Classes, I attend her Yoga and Pilates classes and find them brilliant she is an excellent tutor and let’s her students develop at their own pace and feel calm & relaxed , she is also a lovely lady

Class Attendee

Elaine is an amazing teacher who with gentle encouragement and teaching makes you get the best out of her classes. I have been attending her Pilates classes and feel so much more flexible and able to do things a few weeks ago I found very difficult to achieve.

Class Attendee

We really enjoyed the yoga session as Elaine was very approachable and extremely helpful. She handed out booklets at the end of the session which was specific to our group (Pilates and Yoga for Dancers). This was a step by step guide to the exercises we completed in the session, which we found helpful as it is often to much to remember! Thank you so much Elaine for the lesson and we will be sure to recommend you to others.

Class Attendee

Calm confident Kids has been coming into Kilronan School to deliver a yoga programme for pupils aged 17-19 years with a range of educational needs.

Elaine creates a calm positive atmosphere where the young people can relax and engage in their yoga session. Elaine has the ability to cater for each individual student to ensure they reach their full potential throughout the sessions. At the end of the sessions the young people are relaxed, engaged and ready to continue with their learning throughout the rest of the day.  Not only have our young people been able to experience a new leisure activity, they have also been able to experience breathing techniques which they can apply to aspects throughout their daily life, creating further independence

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