Reflexology for the Non Therapist


Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that can have a wide variety of benefits for many symptoms of disease and lifestyle. A regular reflexology treatment can be considered part of a selfcare routine.

This is a simple guide to techniques that I have not only been teaching online from March 2020 but techniques that I have used as aftercare and with community groups, schools and large corporate business for almost 15 years. They are easy to learn and to perform on yourself or a family member.


Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic I have found that many of my clients are bringing up the same issues. I have divided the book into 4 parts that deal with the problems and queries that are arising most frequently. It is always useful to contact your local therapist for any further advice. If you currently undergoing treatment for any disease please contact your doctor or healthcare advisor before starting any complementary therapy or change to lifestyle, exercise or diet.

I hope that both therapists and clients will enjoy this book and rediscover the amazing benefits that reflexology can bring.


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