Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms & conditions carefully. These terms & conditions apply to anyone starting a course with Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids. These terms and conditions are a contract between you, the trainee and Elaine Curry/Calm Confident Kids.

All intellectual property rights, including copyright in all content and communication belongs to Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids. By Terms reading the of Use you are agreeing that the content and property o Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kid’s courses cannot be copied, reproduced, modified, stored, redistributed or exploited commercially in any way without permission from Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids.

Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids may change the content, which includes prices, offers and content at any time. We do not provide a warranty or guarantee of its accuracy, completeness, suitability, timeliness or performance of information or content in the website. If there are errors in the information provided in the content of the website, we expressly exclude liability for these inaccuracies, to the fullest extent that the law permits.

You can use any of the information or content at your own risk for which Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids will not be liable. It will be your responsibility to ensure that any products you purchase are suitable to your current requirements and that you meet the minimum criteria to enrol on the course.

All materials, which include copy, content, images, layout, graphics, design and appearance belong to Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids.

Any breach of these terms may result in a criminal offense being committed.

By making a booking with Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids it is assumed that the candidate satisfies the above conditions and is deemed to have a competent level of English. The candidate, by making a booking, takes full responsibility in determining whether the course is suitable for their level of English. Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids takes no responsibility if the candidate is unable to complete and pass the course.

It should be noted that by purchasing any of the courses from Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids does not mean that a candidate will be guaranteed a pass. Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids reserves the right to fail a student if they do not meet the minimum requirements of the course.

The student will make a full declaration of any information deemed to be relevant by Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids.

The student agrees to follow any of the policies and regulations set down by Elaine Curry/Calm Confident kids. 

Refund Policy for Online Courses

Where an online course has been purchased, we do not offer refunds. Course materials can be accessed via your online learning portal as soon as purchase is complete.