Elaine is a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.. She is passionate about delivering safe and effective Yoga and Pilates classes. Elaine believes that anyone can do Yoga and Pilates and has taught baby yoga through to chair exercise, sports yoga and everything in between.

Elaine jokingly refers to herself as “the yoga mammy” as she does not fit the stereotypical yoga teacher drinking green juice and herbal teas in revealing yoga attire. With 2 teenage daughters, Elaine can be found as often on the side lines of a camogie pitch as in a yoga studio.  She understands that life can be fast paced and hectic but that 5 minutes of yoga is better than nothing.

As for nutrition Elaine is a firm believer in moderation in all things, wine chocolate or fruit and enjoys a diet that is 80 % healthy.

As well as practising yoga and Pilates Elaine is a complementary therapist and runs Pilates & yoga teacher training courses & Calm Confident Kids, a training company for baby and kids yoga and children’s reflexology. She also runs classes on wellbeing and mindfulness in schools and community groups.

Classes are available in An Carn Maghera or can be arranged for groups at a suitable venue.